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Ascot is committed to perfection. We ensure all sizes and initial samples are provided to the school in the chosen fabrics designs etc. Our size charts are all based on UK sizes.  Samples are adjusted and re evaluated until our customer is happy.

Uniform is an essential part of a schools image. At Ascot, we take special care of all finishing on our products. We use the best colourfast Kingfisher threads in our embroidery, and ensure all logo’s are crisp and clear. We use high quality skin prints for those who prefer a more modern look.


Many schools evolve in their uniform preferences over time. The Ascot design team provides schools with design variations to add comfort and durability to the final design. 

Our inspiration comes from current trends using unique machine washable fabrics, colourfast threads and impeccable stitching. 

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Attention to detail

The materials we offer are of the highest quality with special varieties to suit a warm climate like Qatar. Our experts will advise you according to the schools colour scheme, style preferences, and overall image they wish to achieve.  

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Whether you are seeking an evolution into more modern shapes and fabrics, or a complete uniform redesign, we have the creative resources and expertise to deliver. Should you, on the other hand, wish to keep your existing design, we endeavor to provide you with a superior material sample coupled with competitive rates.